Haitian Americans Inspired To Improve A Nation














The HAITIAN-Foundation exists to feed starving children and elderly located in the remote parts of Haiti that everyone else seems to have forgotten about.


Joel Fequiere decided to form this organization when his efforts to get aid to family members in a rural area seemed impossible because there was so much to do at the epicenter.


With roads damaged by the quake most vehicles are unable to travel into the areas that the Red Cross, Unicef, Yele' and other relief agencies are distributing food and clean water.


Joel then realized that there were thousands of people quietly suffering on the outskirts of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti and that something needed to be done to reach them.

73 year old Andre Fequiere along with his 75 year old brother and elderly sister in-law lives in La'Plaine, Haiti.  They support five teenage and preteen orphans that were given refuge when they were past the age where adoptions would have been possible.


His neighborhood suffered minor damages compared to the capital but they also have no electricity, food or clean water.   The roads are too damaged for cars, they are to old to walk such long distances and the girls would be in danger if they ventured out alone.


The HAITIAN-Foundation has teams of Haitian-Americans and others throughout New York City, Atlanta and Miami prepared to travel to Haiti and bring aid directly to these areas.  We also have people in Haiti prepared to meet us at the airport with SUVs to transport our staff of volunteers to these rural areas outside of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.


One of our goal is to raise the necessary funds that will allow these teams to regularly travel from the United States into Haiti, secure reliable transportation, collect food water and medical supplies, personally deliver them to these remote areas and oversee its distribution.