Haitian Americans Inspired To Improve A Nation

From a very young age Joel Fequiere was taught the importance of charity.  He was born in Brooklyn, NY to Haitian immigrants Andre and Jeanne Fequiere who taught him to collect the toys and clothing that he had outgrown for shipment to Haiti where the less fortunate would better appreciate them.


Over the years this grew into a family tradition that included shipping containers of food, clothing, toys, furniture and even a mini school bus.  However, the red tape and ramped corruption in Haiti was a major source of frustration for Jeanne who collected most of the items and Andre who arranged for it's shipping and receiving.


After the massive earthquake, he decided to turn a family tradition into a organization dedicated to continuing and growing what he has been doing since he was child through his parents, one of which happened to be in La'Plaine, Haiti on that disastrous day.


He is now spearheading the HAITIAN Foundation.

Being a natural entrepreneur since the age of 13, Joel would pass out handwritten business cards to his neighbors and then recruit his friends to work for him shoveling snow in the winter, packing groceries in the spring, washing cars in the summer and delivering circulars door to door in the fall.


At 18 years old, he was balancing classes at Borough of Manhattan Community College, writing surveys for AHF Marketing Research, and traveling as a roadie on concert tours when he decided it was time to drop it all and fulfill his sense of patriotism by seeking new adventures as a Airborne Soldier in the U.S. Army.


From 1994 to 2000, he was the CEO of E49th St Bros Inc. who owned and operated two beauty salons and two barber shops in Brooklyn, NY called Nubian Profiles.  From 1996 to 2005, he formed Ram Jam Promotions, where he organized concerts, promoted comedy shows, planned weekend getaways, cruises, and local political rallies.


In 2005, he founded Ram Jam Realty, LLC and began to purchase distressed multi-unit properties in NY, NJ, and FL to be renovated and rented at market value, while single family homes would be renovated and resold.  The company also managed mixed use and commercial properties for other landlords and real estate companies.


Joel Fequiere currently resides in Atlanta, GA.  He is horrified by the events taking place in Haiti and is fully committed to making a difference through the HAITIAN Foundation.